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SCalpNet is an Internet service provider, formed in 2003 by Vihri technical director, Alexey Smokotin. By the time Alexey left the company, which was later sold to a rival ISP TomTel, SCalpNet had about 10,000 clients in 2005. By the time it was acquired by TomTel in 2007, the list of clients grew to an impressive 22,000 users, making it the largest Internet service provider in Tomsk, Russia.


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Tomsk, Russia


SCalpNet was a challenging project it required plenty of skills and know-how. Yet very soon after launch it became a successful Internet service provider. The coverage area span tens of square kilometres and the speed offered was among the best in the region. Moreover, a list of businesses turned into long-term customers, due to minimal down-time and high connection speed.

TomTel, having bought SCalpNet, also inherited hundreds of commercial clients, including some of the largest companies in the region. By the time Alexey left for projects in Moscow and then later in Kazakhstan, the company was growing steadily with an established base of operations. SCalpNet was acquired by a competitor at market price. The nature of the business with it's large customer base and low operational cost meant it was a valuable solid asset

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