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This Internet service provided was started in 2011 by Vihri Technical Director - Alexey Smokotin and Operations Director - Dmitry Goroshkevich. Relying on wireless point-to-multipoint solutions, the network grew to almost 1000 clients by 2015. The unique selling point of the service is the ability to connect isolated areas and remote locations to broadband Internet.


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Internet Service Provider Start-Up Wireless Point-to-Multipoint connection Connecting remote villages





Tomsk, Russia


High speed internet is scarce in rural areas. Many are not aware that modern technology allows to connect mansions and residential homes on the outskirts of the city and the nearby cottage villages to high speed internet. Most providers do not have the technical skills and the know-how to connect these locations to high-speed internet at low cost. InternetVTomske stood out as an ISP that could.

5 years after the start-up 10% of clients are businesses and a further 2% are municipal buildings, such as schools and clinics.

The customer base of the network grows at an impressive rate of about 35% per year.

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