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about project

In the Autumn of 2015, Vihri were contracted to connect an isolated Casino along with a nearby tourist base to a high-speed broadband Internet. The main obstacle was the remoteness of the objects and the terrain, namely - mountains and forests.


used skills

Long-range wireless point-to-point communication Autonomous relay station Solar panels Signal splitting Internet from a communication tower


Altay Palace Casino



Altai Republic, Russian Federation


Project overview

Terrain considerations and distances

  • Both sites are located in basins
  • Distance to the nearest sources of high speed broadband: 5km, 9km, 14km
  • Distance between two sites: 2km
  • Two sites are divided by a high hill 50% obstruction Fresnel zone would require a 45meter tall tower at the tourist base to get a sight of the Casino
  • Both sites have minimal-to-no Internet connectivity from the 2g/3g/4g mobile network operator, due to their isolated location

Other Considerations

  • Limited budget
  • Project to be completed ASAP
  • Environmentally protected area (meaning long delays in approval for construction of comm towers)
  • Legal obstacles providing Internet services to a gambling operations is only allowed in the area surrounding the Casino, some of the nearest communication towers are over the border in another region
  • Remoteness of the sites highlights difficulty in construction of any kind, both in cost and in logistics
  • Project to require minimal-to-no maintenance

Our solution and it's implementation

Research Technology Installation Support

After careful consideration of the location, the legislation and the terrain, we weighted different options to find the optimal solution.

The chosen solution was to build an autonomous repeater (radio-relay) communication station on the hill between the casino and the tourist base in line of sight of the casino, the tourist base and two of the communication towers

Autonomous repeater (radio-relay) communication station was to be powered by alternative power sources due to it's remoteness from both casino and tourist base

The antennas (radio-relay) communication station was to be protected from the elements as it gets to +40 in the summer and -50 in the winter

Autonomous repeater (radio-relay) communication station was to act as a signal splitter to bridge both the Casino and the tourist base to the Internet

The distance between the the Internet provider and the location of the project was a respectable 5km, over forest and mountain, so we need a 6 moderate power antennas as three bridges. Once we knew the requirements we chose the most practical technology to achieve the desired results. We used top quality affordable devices which we configured for optimal performance.

Six full duplex 18dBi 5GHz directional antennas with horizontal and vertical polarization with gigabit PoE injector (power over ethernet)

Configurable router to split the signal

Two large solar panels on the roof of the box. Six hours of sun to achieve full battery charge

Solar controller, temperature controller connected to a fan, power controller for the router. Energy is stored in 2 high-capacity car batteries enough to last two weeks of no sunlight

Installation and construction could be the trickiest part of the project due to terrain or environment concerns. In this case through our research we found a location on the hill where constructing a tower wasn't necessary as we had line-of-sight of everything we needed to see

All we needed is a mast, a box for the controllers, router and the car batteries and a cabin

A simple cabin had to be insulated and painted white, to protect it from the sun rays in the hot summer and from the cold in the winter

The box was again insulated apart from the opening where the fan was located (activated through temperature controller at +55C to cool the box)

The mast was tested against strong wind

We aim to finalize the projects as soon as they are complete, meaning that once finished - these projects will require minimal, preferably no maintenance and support.

It is reasonable to expect for a well constructed set up to require no maintenance/support for up to five, sometimes 10 years and more.

For minor changes, configuration and monitoring we have the option to access the router remotely

We don't expect the site to require any additional work, as other similar installations have been up and running for up to 6 years without problems

Eventually the solar panels and the car batteries will need replacement - in approximately 25 and 10 years respectively

The set up and the project documentation left the necessary instructions regarding possible site upgrades

IT personnel were trained to operate the set up

We left a two year conditional guarantee

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