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Welcome to Vihri

We are an international organisation dedicated to providing long-range high-speed communications solutions to the public and private sector. We specialise is offering high-speed internet to remote locations.

Our team has the technical skills to implement specialised knowledge and the experience to facilitate the use of fit-for-purpose technology, to yield stable and broad connection almost anywhere and at any scale.

Vihri staff are experienced in managing projects differing in scale and complexity.

Vihri has helped develop and start-up ISP's, multiplying their value.

We would love to hear from you and we will answer all your questions


our main features

Solutions for businesses, communities, individuals and events

We match our solutions to the required scale and project duration. Reliable high-speed Internet is now a reality in the remotest of places and in the busiest crowded spaces.

Solutions for urban, suburban, rural and remote locations

Our solutions are stable and reliable, we build autonomous systems which require very little or no maintenance in both urban city areas and remote isolated locations.

Security, surveillance, industry, leisure and office productivity solutions

We offer solutions to a range of businesses from casinos and hotels to oil wells and construction sites. We also connect communities and municipal structures to high-speed Internet.

Internet Service Provider

We posses technical expertise in communications construction and IT as well as skills in running a business. We can start-up and develop Internet Service Providers (ISP). From laying optic fiber cables and connecting end users to training staff and monitoring cash flows.

Why choose us?

  • We tailor fit-for-purpose solutions to suit your needs
  • We use modern, state-of-the-art technology
  • We have experience of working in the most challenging conditions
  • We have worked for a massive range of clients
  • We provide solutions where all others struggle
  • After our work is done - our set up requires minimum to no maintenance
  • We have had our own successful experience of start-up Internet Service Provider
  • Most of our clients know us through word of mouth
  • We enjoy finding solutions to the most complex of problems
Can Vihri work anywhere?

Before we accept a project we go thorough research. If we work in a country with tight visa restrictions we expect help in acquiring visas from the client, otherwise we can work anywhere

What guarantees does Vihri give?

Every project is different, some may be extraordinarily complex and guarantees will depend on the project. A standard guarantee is 2 years, however most of our jobs completed in 2008-2009 are still in full operation

Will Vihri leave the maintenance and support documents?

Vihri attempts to provide a thorough self-explanatory documentation, if necessary VIhri can train IT staff or users to monitor the set up

How does Vihri organise support and maintenance?

Support will be discussed at length according to the project complexity, we try to leave nothing to chance and make sure that the set up is problem-proof requiring no maintenance or support. If there is a need for support and maintenance, Vihri will provide it, as specified in the project documentation

Can Vihri extend an existing network or modernise it?

VIhri staff have the skills and the knowledge to keep your network up-to-date and fit-for-purpose

How can I pay Vihri?

We are flexible not only in the projects we conduct but also in the ways we accept payments.

meet our team

Dmitry Goroshkevich - project manager, operations director

Dmitry Goroshkevich

Operations director

Dmitry has managed multiple projects across a number of fields, including IT, PR, has ran a number of business operations across different fields.

Alexey Smokotin - wireless communications expert

Alexey Y. Smokotin

Technical director

Alexey Y. Smokotin is an established network developer, a pioneer in the world of wireless communication and a skilled electrical engineer.