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What is Vihri

We are an international communication construction company

We provide modern fit-for-purpose solutions to governments, businesses and individuals

We are the pioneers of wireless communications for both leisure and mission critical applications

We specialise on delivering fiber-like performances in speed and reliability via wireless high-bandwidth connectivity for video, voice and data

Vihri use proprietary technologies that deliver rock-solid performance, low operational cost and simple, cost-effective maintenance and reconfiguration


We run our own ISP. We can help you develop your own Internet Service Provider, however complex


We connect remote locations/complex structures to high-speed Internet and provide Internet at large scale events


We offer all types of communication construction from wireless video surveillance to SCADA Intranet

We can travel almost anywhere fully equipped

We can replace your former providers and undo their mistakes

We can start immediately and work around the clock to finish projects

Our set up will require minimum maintenance and we provide ongoing support

We speak English and Russian

We work around the Globe

We accept payments in a range of methods, from cryptocurrency to cash

We work in the mountains, desert, snow and storms any location, any condition

Vihri Solutions

Providing high speed internet on massive open air events such as festivals and to single users

Solutions for businesses, communities, individuals and events

We match our solutions to the required scale and project duration. Reliable high-speed Internet is now a reality in the remotest of places and in the busiest crowded spaces.

High speed internet in remote locations and in urban settings

Solutions for urban, suburban, rural and remote locations

Our solutions are stable and reliable, we build autonomous systems which require very little or no maintenance in both urban city areas and remote isolated locations.

Internet to hotels and industrial complex, in sea, sand, snow and mountains

Security, surveillance, industry, leisure and office productivity solutions

We offer solutions to a range of businesses from casinos and hotels to oil wells and construction sites. We also connect communities and municipal structures to high-speed Internet.

why choose us

  • We tailor fit-for-purpose solutions to suit your needs
  • We use modern, state-of-the-art technology
  • We have experience of working in the most challenging conditions
  • We have worked for a massive range of clients
  • We provide solutions where all others struggle
  • After our work is done - our set up requires minimum to no maintenance
  • We are a successful experienced Internet Service Provider
  • Most of our clients know us through word of mouth
  • We enjoy finding solutions to the most complex problems

How projects are carried out

Research Technology Installation Support

Every project is different. We may take a consulting role when offering a range of solutions. During the research stage we first look into the technical requirements of the project.

We would look into the nearest sources of communication providers to the location of the project we're working on. For Internet these are called ISP, however sometimes we may use alternative sources of Internet such as the wireless mobile network providers. Then we assess the locality, the legislation and the terrain to find the best solution to connect the points.

Once we know the local specifics we choose the most practical technology to achieve the desired results. We assess the range, the bandwidth required and the budget. We choose from a range of quality devices and tools and we select the ones most suited for the project. We use top quality affordable technology which we configure for optimal performance.

For optimal performance we would need a clear sight between the two points, also called Fresnel zone. If the distance between the the Internet provider and the location of the project longer than 40-50km (26-31 miles) or of there is an obstructed Fresnel zone. we may need to use a relay/repeater point or even two relay/repeater points. This point could be powered by alternative sources of energy, if isolated. We use the most advanced up-to-date technology and our wits to make the project more cost-effective for you.

Installation and construction could be the trickiest part of the project due to terrain or environment concerns. For example solutions for mountains, desert and snow would require specific protection against the elements.

If the distance between the network provider and the location of the project is above 50km (34 miles) we may need to use a relay/repeater point or even two relay/repeater points, often powered by alternative sources of energy. Construction and installation requires extra consideration, considering that some areas are unreachable by standard vehicles.

We aim to finalize the projects as soon as they are complete, meaning that once finished - these projects will require minimal, preferably no maintenance and support.

It is reasonable to expect for a well constructed set up to require no maintenance/support up to five, sometimes 10 years and more.

For minor changes, configuration and monitoring we have the option to access the set up remotely.

Some of our projects

Brief description of our work over the last decade

We are flexible in what we do and we don't mind doing something new.


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